Look Better Than You Feel exists for one simple purpose: to improve the lives of women battling cancer.

When our founder, Kim Newlen, couldn't find anything to wear that was both comfortable and beautiful for her first post-mastectomy outing, she knew that something must be done. And as she travelled to follow-up appointments and struggled to get in and out of her hospital gowns, she knew the time was now.

Working with a Manhatten-based fashion designer and developing a patented design, Kim created the LookBetterThanYouFeel surgical camisole. Flexible, functional, and fashionable, it can be worn anywhere, anytime. And no one will ever know it is a medical garment.

We are so sorry that you are in the market for one of these garments, but we are glad that you found us.

We promise you that during this difficult time, our camisole will help take some of the inconvenience out of the process. It will help make you more comfortable, and it will help you LookBetterThanYouFeel.