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I would like to highly endorse a garment developed by Kim Newlen, a breast cancer survivor and patient of mine. It has helped many patients in their recovery from breast cancer and reconstruction. It has allowed them to feel better about their appearance during the crucial recovery period and has made their care after surgery much easier.

- Bernard W. Chang, M.D.
Director, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Mercy Hospital, Baltimore, MD

After having a double mastectomy with reconstruction on June 14, 2007, I wore the LookBetterThanYouFeel garment every day. The inner pockets were perfect for holding the drains and the fabric felt so soothing on the incision sites. Best of all, I looked fabulous! I came downstairs in my garment on my first night home and my 15-year-old son said, 'Mom, you look so pretty!' What a boost that was for the whole family!

- Claire

(P.S. from Kim: This sweet woman told me over the phone that she wore LookBetterThanYouFeel to her first post-surgical follow-up appointment and she didn't have to change her clothes at the surgeon's office! Hooray!)

LookBetterThanYouFeel is an awesome idea that is long overdue! It is even helpful for radiology studies, post-op., etc. Every breast cancer patient should know about this post-surgical camisole. It would really be good for any upper-body procedure.

Drains are all women seem to remember after surgery. You need LookBetterThanYouFeel before surgery to hold your drains.

- Dr. Jan Worthington
Radiologist with Commonwealth Radiology, PC
Richmond, VA

I took the camisole to my friend right away. ...People should have it right away - for the "drain days". I think it's a great product - much needed, will be much appreciated.

- Wendy

(A note after LookBetterThanYouFeel gift was given friend-to-friend:)

I cannot thank you enough for such a special gift. I love the print and the size is just right too. I have no idea what I'll wear other than the shirt (camisole), for I had not considered not raising my hands. I am wanting this over, but don't waste my time away. I can't thank you enough for your special friendship and advice. [We] will let you know how things go. God bless you as He has me!

- Donna

Just a quick note to let you know how wonderful your camisole sounds to me. I vividly remember the difficulty of finding a way to wear clothes comfortably after my mastectomy two years ago. Not only did the very unattractive "post-mastectomy bras" that I could find hurt the skin that was still sensitive from surgery, but the drains were a very awkward problem. I would snake the tube under the band on the bra and then had to wear mostly sweatshirts, clothes thick enough to pin the drain to and cover the lump it created. I was always afraid the pin would cut the tube and make an embarrassing mess, not to mention increasing the risk of infection. It was so uncomfortable and unpleasant, that I begged to have the drain removed before I really should have and suffered for a long time from the swelling that occurred as a result.

Though my doctors, my family and my friends were wonderful, it was hard to find ways to feel good about myself during that very difficult and disfiguring experience. I did not want to languish in my sick bed behind closed doors but to be out in the world as normally as possible. There is an unfortunate market niche out there that is largely untapped. Thanks for thinking of us!

- Cindy

About 75% of my job is seeing patients for drain removals after breast reconstruction surgery and the number one complaint, by far, is the drains ... they're annoying, they hurt and they just make the patient feel lousy. Your camisole is the perfect solution for these patients. It's not only practical and easy to use, it's soft, pretty and the perfect little pick me up to make patients look and feel great after their surgery. I would highly recommend this product!

- Melanie Erb, RN, CRNP
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Johns Hopkins Hospital

Kim Newlen has created an innovative new garment to wear immediately after breast surgery. She designed LookBetterThanYouFeel just the way she wanted it after her own reconstructive surgery. Not only is it comfortable in the hospital, but is designed for easy access during radiation therapy and follow-up physician exams. She has managed to combine practicality with a sleek feminine fit.

- Polly Stephens, MD
Virginia Breast Center
Richmond, VA

This unique camisole combines functionality, fashion and femininity for the breast surgery patient in the post-op period and beyond!

- Kathy Childers, RN
Virginia Breast Center
Richmond, VA

I was very impressed! You thought of everything. Best of all, I think the product really meets a need out there.

- Christy

I wore my new top, it feels like a second skin. I went to a dinner party and wore with nice slacks and a little jacket and felt so dressed up.

- Nancy

(P.S. from Kim: Nancy does not even have breast cancer but just loved the look!)

It has been wonderful. I've shown it to everybody at Duke, and everytime I go to doctors for an exam I wear it so I do not have to put on those ugly gowns! Because I am old I always wear a blouse. All I do is take off blouse and I just pull down when he wants to see breasts. I think it is wonderful! I wore everytime to radiation. I did not have to change.

- Anna (90 years old)

We are delighted to have pioneered LookBetterThanYouFeel at the University of Virginia's Breast Center. Our patients have been delighted to receive their cammi to wear home from the hospital. It allows them to look and feel feminine at a time when their outward appearance has been compromised, some significantly so. It is a gift they can use for many years to come.

- Diane D. Cole, MPH
Manager, Education, Support Services and Integrative Medicine
Manager, Breast Program
University of Virginia
Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center